About Us

HACK Shack inc was established in 2004. We have 5 qualified crew members plus myself that take pride in their work. Everyone is some type of “Car Guy” at heart and has years of experience in the automotive industry. Whether its Ken Bar and his Vette, Matt Bigelow and his American Muscle, Keith Jones and his sport truck, Mike Jones and his ’32 Ford or ’68 Camaro, or Brian Tripodi and his 4x4s, there is a crewmember that is a perfect fit for your project.

We are an authorized dealer and builder for Factory Five Racing. Let us build you a turn key 33 Hot Rod, Mk4 or GTM. Or if you would like the build experience, we can do the paint work.

Some of our work has been featured in major magazines, calendars, and in television. If you use our facility, then maybe we can make your ride famous too.

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